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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My new girlfriend

Maybe when I was 23.

Just found this over at the DC Conspiracy which is NOT website dedicated to the shadowy, nefarious doings of the masonic order of Johns, Waid, Rucka, Winnick, and Morrison, but a rather good blog about self-publishing by a group of Washington D.C. based comic book creators.

Every since we were dumped by the Rampage I've decided to just fool around with comic blogs from now on. You know, not make it anything serious. Once DC Conspiracy starts talking about meeting its mother and what not, I'm out. Because, you know, just because I'm hitting that DC Conspiracy ass, don't be expecting me to stop drunk dialing the Comics Should Be Good or The Absorbascon on weekends.

That's just crazy talk.


Jason said...

Glad you dug our site. We get a lot of people who go there thinking that we're trying to take down DC Comics.

And they're right...

(Damn, failed the word verification the first time around)

Spencer Carnage said...

(Damn, failed the word verification the first time around)

Maybe you were a spammer in a past life?

Yes, I must say, I am definitely digging the DC Conspiracy so much that I wish I was in DC so I could participate. Keep up the good work.