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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Someone really should tell the Beat about this one...

...but Heidi does not post her email address over at her yonder page and even though she's on the myspace and I could probably just be all "hey let's be friends and btw, here's a crazy link that would be perfect for the Beat, oh and Thanx for the Add" that would entail too much work and creepiness on my part, so....here you go.

Wonder what Rob Schrab from S.C.U.D.: Disposable Assassin infamy has been up to? If these videos are any indictator, its smoking, injecting, and eating lots and lots and lots of drugs. Twigger's Holiday is a children's TV show done much too wrong. NSFW, for sure.

Then again, maybe everyone knows about these. I just came across them at TransBuddha.com and was like woah. Plenty of more goodness from TransBuddha, just click that link.

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