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Monday, January 09, 2006

Something to get excited about for 2006

In a little bit of news coming from Left Field, my absolute fave fave favorite artist, Barry Windsor-I-Am-So-Awesome-That-I-Have-Two-Last-Names-Smith comes at us Marvelophiles with some Clobberin' Time action. To finish up a project he started back in 1985, BWS is going to putting out a Thing graphic novel. I have never read Marvel Fanfare # 15, which Comic Book Galaxy's Alan David Doane(and the Internet's resident Hater Of Super Hero Comics) declares is the second greatest depiction of the Blue Eyed Thing, next to Stan and Jack's Fantastic Four # 51, but with this inclusion to the mythos, I won't have to.

We're not even two weeks in and already 2006 has ADD looking forward to a super hero comic that isn't the Ultimates. If the Rampage returns, I'm officially calling this the sign of the Apocalypse.


thekelvingreen said...

I'm betting it doesn't get finished. Marvel won't put it out as a GN first, but as floppies, and no one will buy it because the Wizardite knobends nowadays don't know who BWS is, and the low sales figures will scare Marvel off.

Stupid Marvel.

Spencer Carnage said...

I'm a bit worried about that, too, but then again, I imagine BWS has got his bases covered before commiting to something like this. Here's hoping that Marvel pushes it because BWS's work is fantastic.

thekelvingreen said...

Oh, I agree fully, but even if Marvel do push it, BWS isn't the kind of "hot" artist that gets the Wizardites interested. Still, I'll be taking a look.