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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Which G.I. Joe are you?

You are Flint!

The only reason you're not running the show is because
you're too busy hotdogging and flirting with the ladies
for that kind of shit. Besides, that's what Duke is for!
You don't need no kind of silent ninja mystique to make
you cool. Hells to the no! You wear a beret and that
shit looks good! Falcon be trying to come up on your
steez with that Don Johnson voice and he's STILL
a clown. Go find a Viper and punch him right
in his serpent face. Why? Because you're Flint.


Diamondrock said...

You win this round, Spencer Carnage. But you haven't won the war...

RedheadFangirl said...

It's cruel for a new reader to your blog to be faced with insults and fake links! You really are a hotdog. Probably flirting with ladies right now!

Spencer Carnage said...

I do it to silence the inner child that's quietly weeping inside of me..