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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Warning: This is a serious post about comics!

This morning I was having a lovely grand time in my perusal of thine finer blogs of the World Wide Web, when I found myself over at the Great Curve. Those fine young chaps where so kind enough as to provide me with a link to some of thee forthcoming Graphic Novellas from Penguin Classics.

Upon viewing the future prospects from Penguin Classics, I laid mine eyes upon this work of art and splendor:

Although I am completely unawares as to what The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster with a cover by Art Spiegelman is about, I have read City Of Glass by Paul Karasik and David Mazzuchelli's and.....wait a second.....reading, reading, reading......googling..........reading, reading, reading..........becoming frustrated.....googling......reading........reading, reading, reading, oh fuck me.

These aren't comics at all. These are BOOKS. And not BOOKS ABOUT COMICS, but regular old BOOKS.

Double You Tee Eff Question Mark Question Mark Question Mark Exclamation Point Question Mark.

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