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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Bulleteer # 1

The Girlfriend caught me reading this. She called me a pervert. I tried to explain to her the grand scope of Grant Morrison's hair-brained experiment with sequential art using D-list super heroes from the DC Universe and how I have to keep reading this cheesecake boobwar comic lest I get left in the dust. She asked me what "boobwar" meant. I showed her how our heroine is a victim of her sexually deviant husband who wants her to become a super hero so that they can stay eternally young, much like the girls that he sees on his super hero teen sex sites that he visits secretly. She searched my browser history for super hero teen sex sites that I might have visited secretly. I told her about Klarion the Witchboy, the pariah from an underground puritan society that raise their dead to help them to work the fields. She brought up the fact that I was raised Mormon. I explained to her about the journey through Time and Space that our Shining Knight Justin went through and how at the end he turned out to be a she, much to the surprise of Gloriana Tenebrae, Queen Sheeda Supreme. She brought up the fact that I used to play D & D in junior high. I told her that she was dumb and I'm going to keep reading my Bulleteer regardless of what she thought of me. She called me a pervert again.


Mark Fossen said...

My wife (coincidentally also an ex-Mormon from Simi Valley) saw Bulleteer on my stack-o-books, and simply said ... "Wow. She's got big tits!"

My reply: "Well, yeah. But that's kinda the point."

Spencer Carnage said...

Ex-Mormons that say "big tits" are my kind of people.