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Friday, November 18, 2005

Work? What's that?

You know what's great about not working? You get shit done! Such as:

Watching the new Superman trailer!

Is it really that hard to get a good shot of Supes flying? This one is dark and blurry, and god damn, if it doesn't make me want to see some more of him soaring through the air in his underwear. I just hope that we get more super hero ass kicking screen time on this movie than we did on Spider-man 2. All in all, it looks good and should have everyone I know asking me all kinds of stupid questions such as "So does this take place after that movie with Richard Pryor?" and what not.

Reading Night Fisher!

Bought this two weeks ago and finally read it this morning. Its a story about a lonely straight A student in Hawaii named Loren and his induction into the world of Methamphetamines. All the proper characters are there. There's Shane, the "cool" friend who is there to get Loren into trouble, thus giving our story a plot. The Dad is around to highlight the distance that Loren is surrounding himself with as well provide a means of punishment when Loren fucks up. Lacey, the summer fling, shows up every now and then to remind Loren of his loneliness. An obnoxious kid at school, Jem, is in the picture to show illustrate the consequences that come when you take the partying a little too far. And then there's their tweaker comrade-in-arms, Eustace and Jon, to authenticate the whole thing.

R. Kikuo Johnson's art reminds me very much of Paul Pope's, in that its heavy on the thick lines along with the excellent use of positive and negative space. The subject matter of young kids having reckless fun helps to further justify the comparison, too. Johnson throws in the random visual trick here and there, like utilizing diagrams to of how a knot is tied side by side with panels of Loren tieing the knot himself. Subext like this reminds us that Loren is still somewhat the Boy Scout character that is portrayed in an earlier scene of a flashback involving the innocence he had when marijuana first entered his life in the 7th grade. Except, now its the 12th grade and this time its speed.

Despite the fact that it can read like a subdued graphic novel version of Better Luck Tomorrow, its a pretty good book that I think everyone should check out.

The great thing about having The Girlfriend work at a major toy company is that when you get laid off, you get cool things like the Spider-man TV game! Haven't played it yet, but I will. Do you think that she wants me to slack off enough so that I won't ever look for a job resulting in my complete and total dependence upon her for everything I need and do?

Damn devil woman..

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