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Monday, November 28, 2005

I called it


Just for the record, I called it: The Hulkling being a Skrull. I made this prediction, if not out loud, at least to myself. He's actually semi-Skrull. Or Skrull-related. Maybe twice removed second cousin to the Skrulls, I don't really know. But I called it. Of course I didn't have a blog at the time when it first came out, therefore there is no internet proof of this anywhere to validate my claims, but it happened.

For my next prediction?

I'm going to say that the foe in X-men: Deadly Genesis is an original member of the Giant Sized X-men # 1 team that had to be imprisoned in space and erased from everyone's memories because of intimate relations with a certain famous Sabretooth Tiger from the Savage Land on an X-men mission. Due to society's disdain for man-animal love back in the 70s in addition to the Sabretooth's jealous lover(whose long tenure in the uncivilized Savage Land now seems to make perfect sense), Professor Xavier had to mindwipe his merry band of mutants from remembering him. Although Professor Xavier is normally against such things as tampering with an unwilling mind, he considered the number of animal-like heroes and villians in the Marvel 616 and decided not to be the first super hero team with a member whose powers included bestiality. It wasn't much latter until Moon Knight and Tigra got it on as members of the West Coast Avengers that Professor X gave his ok for his X-men to do the same.

Now that most of the mutants have lost their powers, resulting in some weird kind of space explosion, this mysterious member of the X-men is back. Horny and mad about it, I believe its safe to say that mutants like Beast, Angel, Mandrill, and Wolfsbane had better watch their asses.


Chris said...

So, let me get this straight: Hulkling is a shapeshifting warrior alien from a race despised by most of the "heroes" who chooses to be either a gay teenage high schooler or a green copy of one of the world's most feared, hated and misunderstood monsters?

Piling on the "alienation" metaphors a bit thick, aren't they?

I stopped reading Young Avengers after the first arc, because they made the interesting characters less so and made the non-interesting characters talk more. Sounds like nothing's changed.

Spencer Carnage said...

A rampaging homosexual skrull that is hunted by both the Army AND the Avengers? I'd buy THAT comic. Honestly, I'm not really against or for what they're doing with the characters. I read the first arc too and decided to wait for the trade. Cheung does a good job and its nice to have some new heroes around even if they're just copy cats of old Avengers. They do need to change up the super hero names a bit. Hawkingbird? Wiccan? Hulkling? I can't wait until they introduce Wonderboy.

thekelvingreen said...

"Stature" is getting upgraded to "Titan", which is a far better name, imho. At least I think so, as that's what she's called in some of Marvel's other books at the moment. Those editors are working hard as usual.

I don't think Hulkling is a Skrull. He might be half Skrull or something, but that beam didn't work on him for some reason. Unlike Bendis and Loeb, it seems that Heinberg can write a multi-layered mystery, and there's still some secrets to come out about Hulkling.