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Monday, November 28, 2005

I've been gone for a long time

Not really, but it feels like it. You would think that with something like unemployment on your side(don't worry, I got my old job back), you would find more time for things like updating your boring blog, but nonetheless, I did not. We could blame the holidays for that, I'm sure. I feel a little out of it in terms of up-to-date-ness. I mean, Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein came out and I didn't even get a chance to bash it. Because really, it was the one that I wanted to like the most however it was the most disappointing of all the #1s. And oh my god, did you read the new Daredevil? Horrible fight scenes, but dang, that twist? Nice. Bendis coming strong on his last hurrah. All I can say is that if this Ronin person turns out to be a chick underneath that mask, I'm gonna be pissed. Unless of course its a ladyboy under there. Then I'll probably be slightly aroused in that "I just bought the Homage Studios Swimsuit and now I'm going to go read it in the bathroom" kind of way. Who would have ever thought that a member of wack ass StormWatch could be so hot...

Ok, enough of that. Carry on with your life.

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