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Friday, November 04, 2005

The root of all evil

* Its friday and I haven't had a chance to read my comics. Ok, I read one, but I haven't had the time to pull some kind of snoody tudey review out of my ass. And without snoody tudey reviews, there isn't much going here. Hopefully that'll change.

* I did read Craig Thompson's Goodbye, Chunky Rice in what was this big huge mushy mush moment of boyfriend-girlfriend bliss. Although she is not sold on reading comic books yet, she is sold on me reading comic books out loud to her, with sound effects and all. At least ones like Goodbye, Chunky Rice. Maybe its time to check out Owly.

* Went to Amoeba Records yesterday. Bought me Apostle Hustle's Folkloric Feel, These Arms Are Snakes' This Is Meant To Hurt You, and Hot Damn by Every Time I Die. Apostle Hustle is a new one for me. Its the guitarist from Broken Social Scene(who totally rock!) which is much like the title. Accousticy, folkish, and a little hard going down at this point as I'm afraid of things that are new and strange at first. As for TAAS, this one's weird for different reasons. I downloaded this album months before it came out and never got a chance to buy the actual EP. I should have because it was the quintessential prog post-hardcore band of 2003. Now that I have finally seen it for sale in a record store, bought it, and listened to it, the final product is different. Someone hooked up an overdrive and reverb petal to the singer's microphone. And the guitars seemed a little bit more polished, which also takes away some of the punk rock feeling to it. Its still good, but weird. As for Every Time I Die, go buy this cd for the song "I've been gone a long time". Metal-core with snazzy punk rock type vocals with songs about partying and getting you some.

* Also saw Steve Martin's Shopgirl yesterday. I'm trying to start a petition to get Jog to review this movie and give it the proper asshole that it needs as its a piece of crap which has the girlfriend convinced that I'm some weird pretentions indie movie snob that likes bad films as oppossed to the weird pretentious indie movie snob that likes good movies. After this and Me and You and Everyone We Know, I'll just settle for Saw 2 next time.

* Just rented Cromartie Highschool on DVD. Is this what Adult Swim in Japan is like? If so, give me more.

* Superf*ckers is not so super. Guys like ADD must love it based upon the obvious "fuck you" to super hero comics. Don't get me wrong, I love a good joke that ends with the words "bitch" or "mother fucker" but when that's the only joke, its just not as funny. There are some good moments, but not enough to warrant the unprecented praise I've seen thrown on it. However, Alan Moore and Gene Ha's Top Ten definitely does everything good that's been said about it. As they say in bloggerspeak, Go. Buy. It. Now.

* When I look at this blog in Internet Explorer, the side bar is pushed all the way down to the bottom after the posts. Netscape, no problem. What am I doing wrong and why must my crappy blog about comics be a victim to such madness?


Earth-2 Leigh said...

The sidebar-at-the-bottom problem comes from posting an image that's too wide. I'm not sure exactly where the line is, but I believe the 'no more mutants' panel is causing it, since it's the widest thing on here at 450 pixels. The next widest, Kingpin, is 400, which is the width I usually use and have never had problems with.

Also, Top Ten is totally one of my most favorite things ever in the whole wide world. Anyone who doesn't read it is a big doodyhead. Or something.

Spencer Carnage said...

God damn Wanda and her glowing vagina!