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Monday, November 14, 2005

Blogging about comics is hard

I just don't know how they do it. After, what, a month of blogging about comics, I'm slowly running out of idiotic things to say. I'm having an Earth-2 Leight moment sans the fabulous.

I started a blog right around the time when Seven Soldiers # 0 came out, thinking that I could add something to this comic blogosphere. I quickly removed it from the World Wide Web when I found myself to be just another disenchanted voice who was upset with what the Big Two were doing with my beloved characters. Its one thing to offer up some kick ass commentary on comics on the day-to-day or weekly basis, its another to be just another angry dude. And not that being angry is bad, especially when you're funny about it. Taking comics down a notch or two provides for some very good entertainment. I am just afraid that I'll fall into the ass end of that aggro-comic book commentary that I'm almost ready to just say "fuck it" again to this whole blogging business.


Then again, all this talk is just a result from being a bit miffed at last week's pull list. And what did I pull?

Gotham Central: Brubaker took the thunder with him, but damn, I think a Steve Lieber pencilled Captain Marvel Comic would make for a good buy.
Ultimate Spider-man: I think I disliked this by proximity of disliking House Of M.
DMZ: A high concept sundae sprinkled with little bits of crap dialogue.

And that was it. In my recent resolution to go to trades, I have found my current intake of comics changing to more independent work like the magnificent Palestine by Joe Sacco(that I just can't put down) and the Night Fisher which I bought in lieu of the 10-15 weekly titles I would have picked up had my buying habits not changed.

My contributions to the group-think on the weekly comic book buying experience are slowly drying up as my "must buying monthly" list slowly dwindles(I think we're at five titles, with Gotham Central leaving the fold as its cancellation has been reported just today at Newsarama). And I fear I don't have the proper lexicon to do a good job of reviewing the smarty arty indies that will be flooding in to fill the gap.

So yeah. I think things will be changing around here a bit. Don't know exactly what that means, but whatever the future may hold, it will still include comics in this whole shebang. Fuck for all I know, this blue moment will end tomorrow and I'll be back to same old shit.

Finding myself contemplating the future of my crappy comic book blog is EXACTLY why I didn't want to start a crappy comic book blog in the first place.


Earth-2 Leigh said...

Cool, you almost verbed me. It's almost an honor.

And I think House of M made me retroactively hate, like, Transformers. That's powerful comics right there.

(Word Verification = kbsuxw... Kurt Busiek sux what?)

Chris said...

Dude, I hear you. The fact that I wasn't even able to buy comics for like 3 weeks was almost enough to make me quit 2 Guys.

But the fact remained that A) I'm a writer, so I must write, and B) dammit, I have valuable opinions.

You are like me, otherwise, you wouldn't have gone to all the trouble to even start a blog.

So keep the faith, and write whenever the hell the mood strikes you, even if it's only tangentaially related to the Big 2.

Trust me.

Scipio said...

Actually, I've noticed that there is something all the blogs you mentioned have in common:

they all focus on comics and things within comics that they like (past or present).

That makes them enjoyable to write (and, occasionally, to read), which is probably why their authors have less trouble posting to them.

Mark Fossen said...

And I fear I don't have the proper lexicon to do a good job of reviewing the smarty arty indies that will be flooding in to fill the gap.
You might surprise yourself. At the least, trying to come to grips with them in words should be interesting ...

they all focus on comics and things within comics that they like (past or present).
Scipio is wise.

Who am I going to steal shit from if you blog off into the sunset? :)

Spencer Carnage said...

Thanks, guys. Now I feel like a little girly girl who fell and scraped her knee. :)

Next time I get all misty eyed, just ignore me. Thanks for the words of encouragement and keep up the good blogging.