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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Wintermen # 3

Wintermen # 3

In the tradition of our F.I.W.O.T.T hating friend from Listen to Us, We're Right, I am going to show you what kind of exciting dialogue you kids are missing out on:

That last one is the best. Lewis and Leon are the like the Hall and Oates of comics!

I'm sure there's kind of crazy hilarious hiaku in those pages somewhere but I don't possess the comic book analytical powers that belong to Scipio.

Are some of you still not reading this?


Jog said...

The "(disapproval)" bit was probably my favorite part of the whole issue.

Anonymous said...

The Wintermen is my favorite series right now hands down. Issue 3 was a classic, and the helicopter thing was one of the best instances of "highly unlikely" I've seen in a while.

"Let me help you with the ending--"