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Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Finale!!! Get Your Civil War On: The Decompression

The Civil War is over! The arguing and bickering has come to an end! The Nation's greatest symbol of hope and freedom, Captain America, is in jail! What will he do now?!

He'll pick up that phone for one last call, in....

Get Your Civil War On: The Decompression!

(click to make bigger and read.)

Its a cheap joke and I know it, but there was no way we could have made it through without resorting to knocking the decompression that Bendis is so well known for.

With that being said, don't forget to enter the contest! We got stuff for you to win!

Email your entry to me at Spencercarnage@gmail.com! We'll have our winner posted on Monday! Thanks for reading!


Jason said...

Congrats, between you and Sims, Civil War was almost worth it. Almost.

Spencer Carnage said...

That bastard, Sims. Thinks he just do some crayon drawings. Weak!

Jason said...

Are you speaking "Hulk" there?

darknessatnoon said...

Perfect. A perfect parody except for you forgot my favorite Bendis tick which is "wow." The contrived moment of wonderment is characters always experience. "Huh? Wow." Still, great work there.

Spencer Carnage said...


Me not sure.


You're totally right. He does do that alot. Wow. I totally forgot. Ah, Mr. Bendis......I really want to like like his stuff, ya know. I do.

Anonymous said...

I salute your war effort, soldier.