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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Of Course, Yeah Rampage!

From Newsarama's preview of Civil War # 7:

I'm almost sad to see it end...

McNiven draws the best Sue Storm...EVER.

His furry cat-boobs aren't bad either..

Tony must die! Please, please, please..

Anyone think that Cloak is gonna bite it?? I know a lot of things point towards Cap, but they've also said repeatedly that they wouldnt kill off a Major character..
....but then again they already killed a black dude.. so maybe Cloak and Falcon are safe..

Two black dudes: Night Thrasher died in issue #1. If Millar kills three black character's in 7 issues I don't think Marvel would ever live it down.

Poor Night Thrasher and Goliath. Just more "black dudes" that died in order to add "weight" to a story. For some reason, I have a feeling the dead body at the end of all of this is going to be Falcon. From what I've seen of the solicitations, there is no mention of Falcon Post-Civil War. Its a shame really, because I have really grown to like him from his short stint in Brubaker's Captain America and Civil War.


Anonymous said...

All I'm going to say is its a good thing Eli Bradley's not there because considering Marvel's recent track record with young black characters (see: Runaways, New X-men), I wouldn't be putting too much on his survival.

Anonymous said...

In my previous post, I was referring to thw House of M aftermath in New X-men.

darknessatnoon said...

Isn't Falcon on the cover of an upcoming Captain America issue alongside Sharon Carter and Winter Soldier (I vaguely recall Arnim Zola behind them all)? No Cap, though.

Spencer Carnage said...


I think he's there. If I recall from looking at it yesterday, he's getting blown up in the background. I imagine he'll stick around, because of YA. Good, I hope so. I really like him alot in YA.

Sharif M,

You may be right there. I'm a little too lazy to look it up right now, but I hope you're right. Falcon has become a new favorite for me in the past year or so.

Chris said...

And I could swear that I read somewhere he'll be in the Mighty Avengers.

(Maybe he gets to be the new Iron Man.)