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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Thrift Store Find Of The Week

Q: What do you get when you spend ample amounts of time, rifling through other people's stuff, at various consignment and thrift stores?

A: Besides a new fangled hipster style, you also come across things like a Good to Very Good edition of Jerry Robinson's The Comics: An Illustrated History Of Comic Strip Art for under $2.

The Front Cover

The Back Cover

This thing is HUGE. You could use it to bludgeon someone to death. Hell, even Silver Age Baton Twirling Daredevil is dismayed by the size of the thing!

That's right. This gem from 1974 by the guy who created the Joker just fell into my lap. While looking for used Anne Rice vampire novels and Microwave cooking books, the words "The Comics" just shot out at me! At first, I was a bit dismayed because I couldn't see Spider-man or Superman anywhere on the cover, but I decided that anything by Jerry Robinson must involve at least one panel of a homo-erotic Golden Age Batman & Robin scene. So I bought the damn thing.

And take a look at who contributed to this book!

I don't even know who half of these people are, but at least one of them must have worked on an issue of the Avengers at SOME point in their life, right? Didn't the guy who created snoopy used to ghost for Jack Kirby on those monster books? Looks like we'll have to read the book to find out.

Jealous much, guys? I thought so!


Jason said...

Nice find, Milt Caniff strips are the bomb!

Also, what is it about thrift stores and microwave cookery books? My wife collects vinatge cook books so I always cruise that section and inevitably, there's like 40 microwave books.

Spencer Carnage said...

I have no idea. But they are abundant. I almost want to buy one just to whip something up and see if it looks as good as it does in the picture. Its like gourmet cooking the way they depict them.

Ray Cornwall said...

After seeing the awesomeness of this book, I found a copy on eBay. I spent ten times what you spent. Still, $20 ain't so bad.

Spencer Carnage said...

They have them cheaper on Amazon! Cancel that bid! They are a bit beat up, though, but whatever you pay, its worth it.