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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Interesting Things Learned From Old Comics: Amazing Spider-man # 356 & 357

Super heroes need love, too.

Especially after a tussle with the Secret Empire. Right guys?

That's right, Peter! Show all us fan boys how a nerd loves a red headed model! Yeah!

Put down your quest for vengeance and give in to the supple curves that are Marlene's hips and thighs.... The Fist Of Knonshu propels you...

No rest for you, Night Thrasher--!

You were created in the 90s--!

Your parents were killed by criminals--! The sweet piece of teleporting ass standing behind you can just wait until for her man to gets out all that rage--!

Night Thrash the pain away, Dwayne.... Night Thrash the pain away...

Words by Al Milgrom, art by Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin, Joe Rosen, Bob Sharen, and Eric Fein.


gorjus said...

I can't wait for Mardi Gras. Because I am going to Night Thrash my pain away.

Spencer Carnage said...

Don't let love get in the way of your vengeance, gorjus.