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Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank Goodness Its A New Joe Friday

Sales are up! High fives for all you creators! Keep up the good work and keep producing material that will be equal to or (dare we say....) RIVAL Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns!

It is a good time for comics and damn on anyone who says otherwise! We are living in a comic book renaissance right now! Comics is gripping and totally like a mirror being held up to real life! Stan Lee would be so proud!

Hey, Newsarama! Thanks for being our biggest fanboy!

The kids are buying so we must be doing something right! If someone dies, its for a great, creative reasons and NOT to sell more books! Though we like to sell more books!

We brought back Captain Marvel because it made sense for the story! Speedball needs to undergo S & M treatment! If it services the character and tells an entertaining story, we'll do it!

Spider-man and MJ shouldn't be together! Why?! So we can tell more thrilling, engaging stories about Peter Parker showing up late for a date because he was too busy fighting the Dino Tamer Man From A Day Back When! Sense shattering!

The interfret thinks we're dumb, but why are our numbers so high!? Stupid interfret! Just sit back and wait! Here's a picture of Spider-man doing something vague that's related to the next big Spidey-crossover 3 years from now! Look! Intriguing........!

Want more spoilers!? Can't tell you, but maybe you should buy more Marvel comics, ya think!?

See ya next week!

1 comment:

Spencer Carnage said...

But....you're supposed to be freaking out over all the hype!! I vaguely promised something that's years away!!!