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Monday, February 12, 2007

Get Your Civil War On: The Return... and a contest?

First and foremost, I want thank you all for your patience these past few weeks in waiting for the next installment of Get Your Civil War On. The last image has been scanned. The jokes are done and are much more awful than they were last time. What's to come will probably be some of stupidest jokes you have read this side of a Twisted ToyFare Theatre. However, when held in comparison to what Marvel is currently putting out as CUTTING! EDGE! SUPERHERO! COMICS!, it will seem down right brilliant. What can you expect?

The New Thunderbolts: Justice Through Nipple Clamps!

Matt Murdock Drunk Dialing!

The Sorceror Supreme!

Black Captain America!

The Real Civil War! (The one we ALL should be fighting!)

and more!

In case you are not up to speed, please feel free to read what we have completed so far of Get Your Civil War On by clicking the following links.

Get Your Civil War On # 1
Get Your Civil War On # 2
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Get Your Civil War On # 8
Punisher War Blog - a GYCWO tie-in

and now..........a GYCWO Contest!!!

Who wants to win free stuff? To celebrate the next and final phase of Get Your Civil War On, we are going to have a contest! What's the contest? Make your own Get Your Civil War On 3 panel strip! Whoever makes the best will win stuff! Its that's easy! Just come up with a script for a 3 panel Get Your Civil War On strip and send them to me via at spencercarnage@gmail.com. I'll review them to see which one I think is the best and then make the strip for you which will showcased at the end of all of this! The current crop of characters are at your disposable:

Steve Rogers
Tony Stark
Matt Murdock
Natasha Romanov
Peter Parker
Mary Janes
Stephen Strange
Luke Cage
Robbie Baldwin

Punisher War Blog

Why those characters? Because those are the ones that I have images for! If you have a character that you want to use, Marvel OR DC, and you have the appropriate scan, please send it along with your script. As you can see, the format for all these(which I stole from Get Your War On) is basically a bunch of phone calls back and forth to each other where each character harps on this whole Civil War business. But don't let that limit you. If you feel the need to have Batman call in and give Tony Stark an earful, send the scan and script to me and I'll take it from there. Hell, if you want, make your own strip and submit it! Its okay if it looks a little bit amateurish! Lord knows mine do! So send them into me at spencercarnage@gmail.com!

"What?! Why would we do your job for you?! What's in it for us?!"

Excellent question, my friend! And the answer involves two words that I'm sure you will agree go very well together. Free comics! (And a Brian Posehn CD!) Which free comics? These ones!:

Y: The Last Man "Unmanned" vol 1 TPB
Y: The Last Man "Cycles" vol 2 TPB
Y: The Last Man "One Small Step" vol 3 TPB
Sudden Gravity TPB
Brian Posehn "Nerd Rage" CD

Shadow "Blood And Justice" TPB(by Howard Chaykin! Out Of Print!)

Some of these are decent comics that I didn't enjoy enough to keep as a permanent part of my collection. Some are really excellent and are being used to make this stupid contest something worthy of entering. Either way, they deserve a good home so why not give them away? Remember: due to the fact that all of these have been used before, they are probably in Good to Very Good condition. Sorry, but that's just how I read my comics. No, they are not damaged heavily, just maybe a severe wrinkle or two here and there. I am currently in the process of getting rid of some excess stuff so I figured what better way to to get rid than to have ourselves a little contest. We may have something for those runner up entries as well. Stay tuned!

The deadline will be Friday, February 23rd. The winner will be announced on Monday, February 26th. Good luck!

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