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Friday, February 02, 2007

Listen up, DC Comics!

How To Get Me To Borrow A Copy Of Supergirl

Make it non-continuity and throw Darwyn Cooke on it. Charming and cute, Supergirl would be that girl next door with a mischievous smile and a secret. Readers should have a crush on Supergirl, giving anything to be her romantic interest or best friend. Drenched in nostalgia and classic Silver Age goodness, a Darwyn Cooke Supergirl would be light, entertaining and fun. It would be a welcome respite from the "mature" stories of the current DCU. Of course Darwyn Cooke is not the only DC writer out there that could do the character right, but if you could find a better person for the job, please say so.

How To Get Lots Of Fan Boys To Buy Supergirl

Sales on Supergirl would probably skyrocket if they fully embraced the cheesecake potential that superhero comics are all about. Even though the Supergirl book is currently in the realm of cheesecake, it suffers from the lack of a good artist. Churchill always seems to be 5 steps behind the Image founders, such as Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld. Although there are a barrage of notable bloggers that would be even more upset at the Supergirl book than they are now, sales would be decent and all hope lost. Increase her bust size and get an artist that knows how to draw an attractive woman. It wouldn't suit my personal tastes, of course, but its safe to say that there is a very healthy percentage of fanboys out there would favor that kind of creative change. Just look to the fan art on the web to get an idea of what some fan boys want from a Supergirl comic. Sexy, Seductive, and Stacked.

How To Get Me to Love Supergirl

Of the few Supergirl incarnations I have read, Alan Moore's Suprema was the best. A Silver Age character displaced from the Supremeverse of 50s and brought into our modern world, she was loud mouthed, opinionated and intolerant of all the grim and gritty heroes of the 90s. Her appearance in the issues of Supreme and Youngblood always stole the show. Like your morally superior and somewhat overbearing sister, is was her duty to remark on her contemporaries' methods of heroism and their complete lack of proper decorum while swooping in to save their asses.

The Supergirl that fans are faced with now is one that does not understand her place. Writers are relying upon third rate teenage melodrama as a means of showing her going through the paces of maturing into the hero that she should be. When Supergirl first appeared, it was at a time when being a hero was something that just came naturally with no questions asked. Putting a Silver Age character like Supergirl through the Marvel Comics Merry-Go-Round of Faux Realism defeats the point of the character. Smoking, drinking, and making out with an alternate reality version of your cousin will never make for an engaging Supergirl comic. Happily punching bad guys while chewing out Batman for being such a stick in the mud? Not in this life time.


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother, amen.

No git back to the studio & make some more GYCWO's!

Jon Hex said...

One problem,

You can't chew out Batman. It's physically and mentally impossible.

pachoob said...

yeah, teen angst and supergirl just don't seem to mix. the out-of-continuity approach might be exactly what would work. she's the kind of character who's just antiquated enough to never work with whatever they want to do.

Unknown said...

Actually, I think Batman's way past due for a chewing out or an ass-kicking by someone. He's a jerk.

But that aside, I like your take on Supergirl. And I'd love to see Darwyn Cooke's.