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Friday, February 16, 2007

Get Your Civil War On # 11

(click to make bigger, read, and then tell all your cyber-friends)

NEXT: Did that just really happen? Stay tuned for House Of Forever Yesterday!

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Anonymous said...

As an actual Assyrian, I have to say that this installment of Get Your Civil War On is completely fucking awesome.

Spencer Carnage said...

Tuesday should rock your socks. Monday? Well........I probably should just let Monday speak for itself.

Jason said...

It's....it's...just so beautiful. I want, nay, I need more of Wanda's glowing vagina!

Oh man, that came out wrong.

Spencer Carnage said...

No, no, I think I read you loud and clear on what you're saying.



Anonymous said...

Why did you stop doing these, dammit?