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Monday, February 26, 2007

Get Your Civil War On - The Contest Winners!

I want to thank everyone for submitting their results for the Get Your Civil War On contest. For those who are just tuning in, we had a little contest where readers submitted some of their GYCWO jokes to me with one person being chosen to have that joke created for all of you to see. The winner also gets lots of good stuff. Had some good entries, so I decided to give out 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well.

Without further adieu....

3rd Place Winner:

Carla from Snap Judgements and the 5th Color column at Blog @ NewsArama. I really liked the "internet forum debate" line alot. Calling Spider-man "emo" should be taboo, but it appears that's what Marvel wants from us fans. She wins a copy of Hench and the first Rising Stars trade. A comic by JMS? Is that even a prize? Thanks for entering, Carla!

2nd place winner:

2nd place goes to Sean Kleefield, who has a blog right here that needs to be read by everyone. Sean entered this piece, which cracked me up with the Danny Rand/Natasha Romanov joke. In true GYCWO fashion, he taps into all the sexy good times that come when heroes decided to team up and fight stuff. What do you win, Sean? American Born Chinese and the first two Animal Man trades!

And of course...

1st Place Winner:

Jon Hex came through with a few strips, these two being the best. Even in prison, Cap has no time for Speedball. And Tony Stark? Still a dick. Jon Hex put a nice little finishing touch on the end of all this GYCWO business that stayed true to the issue at hand: What happens next? Will Robbie Baldin ever get respect from Captain America in the yard? Will Tony and She-Hulk bicker with each other over the direction of the Post-GYCWO Marvel U? Regardless of what happens, Jon Hex will probably be just as upset about it as the rest of us are. For his contribution to GYCWO, Jon wins the first three Y: The Last Man TPBs, Sudden Gravity TPB, Shadow "Blood And Justice" TPB(by Howard Chaykin! Out Of Print!) and the Brian Posehn "Nerd Rage" CD. Congratulations, Jon!

Thank you to everyone for entering! As for the winners, you should be receiving an email shortly from me. Thank again!


gorjus said...

I just want to say that these have been hilarious . . . and with buckets more characterization than the real Civil War!

Jason said...

I actually would've reversed the order of the winners there, but they're all excellent.

Here's looking forward to "Get Your World War Hulk On".

Spencer Carnage said...

Slow down there, cowboy. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Some of us are still trying to deal with the ramifications of Get Your Civil War On that we can't even think about what kind of conversations Hulk would have in Get Your World War Hulk On.

My head spins just thinking about it.